Anyone who has been watching True Blood lately has seen plenty of Alexander Skarsgard partially dressed, and sometimes not at all. The man is clearly in great shape, the question is, how does he do it? The Alexander Skarsgard Workout clearly does him good, and would help out the rest of us.

Alexander Skarsgard getting his model look on
Credit: GQ Magazine

First off, take note of the type of physique Alexander has. He is much more the ripped/lean type rather than the bulky body builder which, by the way, is what girls prefer anyway. You do not get that ripped without also being lean, and he looks like he has a body fat of < 10%. To give you some perspective, an "average" body fat percentage is around 16-22% for guys, and over weight people are much higher. So, in order to look like that your diet needs to be in order.

And of course, you have to workout the right way. There are a number of techniques that are very effective for getting in that shape, one of which is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). If you have ever done circuit training in a gym before, then you have gotten a taste of how this works. You effectively workout in bursts, doing a series of exercises one after the other while rotating between muscle groups.

This both keeps your cardio working at full capacity while hitting your muscles hard. A good example of a HIIT-based exercise is tabatas. A tabata is an exercise where you do 20 seconds of work at full intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest...and repeat many times over. Here is an example of such a workout:

1. Do 8 tabata rounds of pull-ups (which is 4 minutes total, with constant sets of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off)
2. Then 8 tabata rounds of push-ups
3. Followed by 8 tabata rounds of sit-ups
4. Lastly 8 tabata rounds

This gives you 16 minutes of pain, wearing your muscles down while keeping your cardio high. The advantage of this type of workout is that not only trains your strength, it boosts your metabolism in a way that static weight lifting does not, both getting you leaner and stronger at the same time. There is plenty of research on it, such as this study and this one. Both found that people following HIIT burned far more calories…and this is while doing exercises that get you stronger.

Alexander Skarsgard showing off in camo pants

The Alexander Skarsgard Workout started for him when he was part of the Swedish anti-terrorist army in his early 20′s. There he was taken through drills of running, climbing, and learning combat tactics, which by their nature keep your body guessing and adapting to the training.

At the same time, Alexander Skarsgard is naturally lanky, and in order to get his current jacked physique he has had to lift weights as well. That is where Olympic lifting comes into play: any comprehensive strength building workout should involve sessions of dead lifts, squats, and presses. These combined with HIIT will both give you serious cardio conditioning, fat burning, and strength building.

Becoming as strong as our favorite True Blood vampire Eric Northman is no easy feat, but anyone can adapt to the same principles as the Alexander Skarsgard workout and get stronger and fitter. Remember that any program you follow needs to both give your cardio and metabolism a boost as well as working your strength, and you can work your way towards that nice jacked physique and start turning heads yourself by looking like this.

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